Ask an Expert About Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria

1.Do you think there are prospects for grasscutter farming in Nigeria?

Yes,there are more prospectsts for grasscutter farming in Nigeria because is a new emerging market yet to be known to a lot of people,so the investors that start now will reap good return on their investments.

Grasscutter farming is a business that does not require electricity or fuel for successful operation and feeds of  grasscutters are very local and cheap.

2.What is the minimum capital required to start grasscutter farming business?

You can start grasscutter farming business with minimum capital of N50,000 (Fifty thousand naira).You will buy a family of grasscutters of 1 male and 4 females for the sum of N30,000 (Thirty thousand naira) and use the remaining N20,000 for other preliminary expenses like cage,transport box,trappling equipment,feeders and drinkers.

3.What kind of trainings exist and which one do you offer?

In our organisation,The Thy Consulting,will offer pratical on the farm training,so that people can learn it practically.We also provide the trainees with comprehensive manuals,VCDs and after training/sales follow up.

4.Can you compare snail farming commercial viability with grasscutter farming?

The viability of snail farming is almost the same as that of grasscutter farming.And the two projects are compatible and complement each other.In that the left over feeds of grasscutters such as maize,cassava,PKC,GNC can sill be re-compounded and served to snails.The grasscutters` feceas can also be used as organic fertilizer to improve the soil for snail farming.The same buyers also buy them.

5.How many times in a year does a female grasscutter give birth and how many?

A female grasscutter gives birth two times in a year.It can litter between 4 and 8 kits at once,but usually 5 kits,so a female grasscutter can litter up to 10 animals in a year.


Ismail AbdulAzeez

The Managing Consultant

The Thy Consulting.