How to Find Out the Naira or Dollar FX Bank Rates?

How to Find Out the FX Bank Rates? Are you a new trader or somebody looking to trade using a reliable Forex tool online? Gone are the days when things had to be done directly in the stock exchange market. Today, you have millions of traders who are able to access the market right from […]

Why to Use Naira and Black Market Exchange Rates?

Why do we use Official Naira and Black Market Exchange Rates? If you are a trader then you would be making use of online exchange tools and services that provide you with immense information on the stock exchange market. The stock exchange market is a very unpredictable market, hence knowing how to make the right […]

How to Compare Flights Online Without Hassle?

How to Compare Flights Online Without Hassle? Are you planning to go on a holiday or vacation to a new country? If that is the case, then you will want to ensure that you know how to compare the flights online. It is not a very difficult process and needs to be done on a […]

How Bureau De Change Can Help You?

How Bureau De Change Can Help You? So you want to exchange your money as you are traveling to new destination for a few days or a week? Then you should consider making use of the Bureau de Change. The bureau de change is an office where currency can be exchanged. The office helps in […]

How Exchange Rate Calculator and Oanda Converter Can Help?

How Exchange Rate Calculator and Oanda Converter Can Help? So you want to exchange your money because you are planning to visit some other country or go on a vacation? Whatever the reason for doing that, you might want to make use of the rate calculator which can easily help you find the best rates […]

Some Reasons to Make Use of the Best Money Transfer Agents

Some Reasons to Make Use of the Best Money Transfer Agents Are you not happy with the service received at your nearest bank or money exchange counter? You need to send money abroad to your family or relative urgently, but are in a dilemma as to how to do it efficiently and safely. When that […]

Money Converter

Currency conversion from one currency to another is very popular, more popular than you can imagine. Each time you travel, you are exchanging your local currency to that of the place you are visiting. Converting currency seems an obvious term, but you will be shocked after reading this article that you don’t know much about […]

Forex Rates

The foreign exchange market is considered the largest market in the world, and the backbone of this huge market is the exchange rates of the different foreign currencies traded within it. Thousands of traders are making a living out of the various movements of the different foreign exchange rates in the market. They buy currencies […]

Exchange Rate Calculator

Exchange rate calculators are tools which are found on websites online and are used to make conversions from the currency of one country to another. These tools are usually made like programmed interfaces or widgets in which the data which users input are automatically calculated and provides accurate results. The $ exchange rate influences the […]

Euro to Dollar

The Euro Dollar exchange rate changes from time to time as it is inconsistent. There are many factors that cause the change between Euro and Dollars rates, and one of such factors is decline in European shares, as this causes the euro to dollar to wipe off earlier gains that the euro has made because […]

The Dollar Rate

The most recognised single currency in the world is the dollar. The dollar is used for almost all major transactions and in the business world, it is mostly used. If you know the current dollar exchange rate, you have an edge when making investment in foreign markets. Most other currencies look up to the dollar […]

What is the Nigerian Black Market

You have been hearing of Fx, exchange rates, forex, foreign exchange markets etc day by day, but you might not have a very clear understanding what these terms mean. This article throws more light on the black market and other confusing terms. You should first of all understand what exchange rate is. Exchange rate is […]