0% card for very catalogue debt and future loan advice please


I have checked and they do offer card payments.
Sorry, could you explain what you mean about small balances causing repayment difficulties please? I’m not struggling to make repayments if that’s what you meant, I just want to stop paying a third of my repayment on interest and use the entire payment on clearing it down. Is that not a good idea? I am actually a bit clueless when it comes to the best option, hence asking on here haha

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If you can’t pay off your balance in full on the shopping account then you are clearly struggling financially and lenders will see that and be less willing to either lend or will give smaller credit limits. You may well be able to get a card from the low credit rating companies but don’t expect a huge limit and you’d still be paying interest on it – possibly more than now!

Look for a money transfer card from someone like MNBA – they do one at 4.9% for 48 months with a 0.5% fee or the 28 months at 0% with 2.99% fee, borrow what you need and pay off the account in full. Then work on clearing the card.

Do realise with a poor credit history you may struggle to get loans at affordable rates – clearly if you cannot pay these debts you will have problems paying a loan as well. Do you really need to get 10K in debt on top of your other issues for a medical reason? Can it be done on the NHS or after a period where you can save?



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