0% credit card effect on business account


I may quit my job in September and start a business. I have cash savings to support me during this time. However, I’d like to bolster them with emergency 0% 2 year+ credit cards.

My credit rating:

  • 841/1000 with checkmyfile.
  • approx 33% credit utilisation
  • No ccjs, all payments made on time

Do I have a higher chance of acceptance by applying for my 0% credit cards with my current mortgage provider and 2 current account banks (Halifax, Santander, Lloyds respectively)?

If I apply for all 3 on, say 1st sept, and apply for a business bank account on, say 1st Nov, will it harm my chances of business bank account acceptance? I don’t need any credit line for the business, as it will be well funded by investors.



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