0% purchase credit cards with sneaky 60 days to spend on


Can someone tell me when credit card companies all of the sudden started to add the 60 days to spend to get the 0% on purchases. I’ve just applied for an MBNA card which i was accepted for and only saw the 60 days to spend small print on my paperwork that came with the card. I’ve now cancelled the MBNA card, as I want to find a card that honors 28 months at 0% on purchases for the whole 28 months and not just the first 60 days.

I feel the credit card companies are not clealy stating the fact you only get the 0% on purchase if you spend within the first 60 days of the card being open. I also found Virgin Money credit cards are doing the same thing with the 60 days to spend to get the 0% deal.

Sorry rant over I just feel MBNA just wasted my time.


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