0% running out, new credit card?

I was after a bit of advice. I’ve just purchased a new house on a mortgage with my partner. He has bad credit and so the mortgage will likely affect my credit rating although it hasn’t yet even though we have completed on the house.

My 0% credit card is going to run out in September and i’m not really up for paying interest on a CC having always had 0% on purchases. My question is should I attempt to apply for a new credit card now that my credit rating is still ok and ditch the old one or is it likely to be rejected because i’ve literally just taken out a bigger mortgage. Or shall I wait until we can get credit up to a better state and just make sure credit card is paid back in full if we ever use it?

I’m very risk averse so I don’t want to do anything that would cause me issues, however I would prefer to have 0% CC just in case I need to use it.


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