A celebration! !!!127881;


Just to say a thank you to MSE and its members.

I got myself in to a bit of a pickle in my you ger years whth credit and not really understanding the impact it would have in my later life.

Over the last year ive really tried to get a hold on things and have always followed the advice on here.

I finally managed to get a subprime card with a tiny limit. I used this every month for fuel and paid it off in full.

I managed to get another subrime and used this solely for food shopping and paid it off in full every month.

Finally, today, i have neen accepted for a standard credit card. This one will be used and paid in full. And i will continue to use the othera as previous (ive even had some healthy limit increases on them)

So once again a big thank you! And to those of you who feel like your credit is beyond repair, im proof it isnt. You just need time And patience and to follow the rules and youll soon see improvements!


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