A claim raises your premiums by how much?


Never made any insurance claim before and need savvy advice.

Due to a leak in a CH pipe part of a lath and plaster ceiling underneath collapsed, and needs repair.

Darned insurer tells me there is a £500 excess. Hmph!

I’ve had two quotes in. (1) from a sole trader, for £500 and (2) from a big building firm, for £1,000.

Both firms have good reviews on Checkatrade. It’s tempting to think that the £1,000 firm will do a far better job because of how much they are charging, but maybe it’s to pay for the signwritten vans, embroidered polo shirts, slick stationery and paid receptionists, and most of all, VAT.

Should I pay the first builder myself, or should I make an insurance claim, pay the £500 excess and claim the other £500 from the insurer?

A friend said it’s better not to make a claim, as they will increase my premiums next year. So I spoke to the insurer and they refuse to say by how much my premiums may rise — not even the roughest, “ball park” figure.

Any advice from more savvy people gratefully received.


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