A Current Account removed from credit report


Hi Guys,

I have been observing my credit report regularly in recent months hoping to improve things. I owed money due to a student overdraft (it’s been 10 months since I have settled the issue), however quite a few things have changed in my life like moving home, applying for utilities, phone, TV/ Internet contracts etc.

In my most recent credit report there is an entry that states

A Current Account has been removed from your credit report

Indeed, one of the two accounts I have open seem to no longer appear on the credit report. I must say that, since I moved house I did also update my banks with the new home address (could this be related?)

Also, as somebody who is very concious of what I had done in the past, but aware that I have fixed it I have also registred myself on the electoral roll, but I am too afraid to apply for a credit card. S

Should I wait until the start of the new year, would have been 1 year since the hick-up and apply then or do I just try whenever I have 5 minutes?

I’m scared that regardless of what I am doing my credit score doesn’t seem to go up and its frustrating me!

Any advice will be appricaited.


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