A question regarding Paypal Credit and how it works.


Tried to ask Paypal about this, and met with silence essentially, but I was wondering, when people sign up and get accepted for Paypal credit does it mean that all purchases by vendors are then split over monthly payments?

The reason I am asking is, I assumed this would be the case like any other credit agreement (bar the few exceptions for short term loans) and that any purchases made would be split over the months, but then I read that only some vendors who allow Paypal have instalment plans…

Which has me now confused, does it now mean that any that don’t use instalment plans expect payments very quickly and not spread over say 12 to 24 months?

The fact Paypal is very tight lipped about it sends red flags into my head, are they trying to catch out first time users by paying for something expensive and expecting it to be paid in a month or two?

Perhaps someone can clarify for me, as said Paypal has very little information about it.


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