Accepting offer after car accident


Hello everybody, apologies if this is not the right place for asking this questions:
In July 2017 my girlfriend and I were involved in a car accident, it was the other person’s fault and they assumed responsibility, we then contacted our ins, admiral, and they gave us also their legal support by passing the case to admiral law.
After that, we had to repair our car, ignoring the first advice from our insurance, as they wanted to write it off, despite the fact that the car was in almost perfect condition, it only had some minor damages on the outside panels… Anyway, we repaired it, and our insurance offered us some medical treatment for the injuries, as we had really bad pains around the back and neck… After some sessions with a chiropractic, provided by admiral (TICCS) we started to feel better…
Finally, after a tedious process of paperwork, I have received an official offer from the other person’s insurance, it has been sent to my case handler.
They estimated the value of my injuries in to be in the region of £2,400.00 and £2,700.00.

The letter also say that the offer has been made under Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules, and it is a final offer (despite of being the first offer that I have received) with a value of £3,000.00 minus the costs of the chiropractic, which is £250 for a few sessions…

After all they say that I can either accept it or reject it within a 21 days period, if I reject it, the letter states that then I would need to contact with my legal expenses insurer (thing that I don’t have, as far as I know…)

So I’ve heard from other people advice saying that I shouldn’t accept the first offer, but I’m a bit concerned about rejecting it, because I don’t really want to extend this for a longer period but I would like to obtain a bigger compensation after all that suffer and long process that we have been through…

So could anybody suggest what I should be doing in this case? It would be great to hear from your experiences and get a better idea of what to do!

Thanks in advance!


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