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Last week my partner was involved in a RTA and I’m worried about what is happening with the insurance claim.

She was stopped at temporary traffic lights with one car in front, when another car drove into the back of her and pushed her into the car in front. Car isn’t too badly damaged , mostly cosmetic but it’s a 52 plate so they may write off. Our insurance told her to get checked over by doctor because she was complaining of back and neck pain, and we did. Doctor recommended Physio for whiplash.

After informing her own insurance just to let them know, my partner got a call from another company, she told me afterwards that is was the car in front’s insurance company and that they were going to sort everything for her and will recover costs from driver at fault. She said she started a claim and they were arranging a courtesy car (which we got the day after). This is where I got confused, I don’t know much about insurance but never heard of claiming on another person’s insurance like that when they weren’t at fault.

I found out last night that the company wasn’t the front cars insurance company but a company called Access claims solutions which seem to be one of those no win no fee places. I feel like maybe the man at the front must have phoned ACS and passed on our details??

I don’t know what to do, I would never have chosen to use a no win no fee company. I keep thinking they will loose and I read on their website they keep 25% of awarded costs. Our claim with them has been going on for a few days and since we have the courtesy car in not even sure we could cancel it without paying for the car hire.

We aren’t trying to get compensation either, she missed one day of work which was the day of the crash and the whiplash is mild. Although doctor said to try and get the physio in case.


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