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I think i origionally put this on the wrong thread. Iwas in a car park when someone reversed into me. The other driver admitted responsibility. We exchanged details. The damage was only a couple of scratches, so I was to get my car repaired and he would pay. When I arrived home the other driver phoned me to say he had spoken to his insurance company and it was me who reversed into him, he was going to claim for repairs, whiplash and pains in his back and I should inform my insurance company. Luckily I have a front and rear dashcam. I reviewed the footage and it was quite clear what happened. Once the other driver realised I had this evidence he changed his mind.

To cover myself I told my insurance company what happened. I had the car repaired, paid for it myself and I thought that was the end of the matter.

I have now received a letter from my insurance company saying they have put a none fault (notification only) accident on my file and my insurance premiums had increased by £ 28.76. How can they do that it wasn’t my fault and I didn’t claim. Surely that can’t be right.


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