Accident with and without insurance


Back in January (this year) I was in my car going to work and hit a patch of black ice. I hadnt even got off my street! The car went through a neighbours fence flattening both it & the hedge behind it (quite impressive for 10mph).

The neighbour advised me at the time that I wasnt the first person, nor would I be the last to flatten his fence in bad weather.

I contacted my car insurance company & filed a claim. My car was pretty mangled and needed taking away for repair. They advised me to give my claim number to the neighbour so that he could pass it to his home insurance company & they would fix his fence against my claim which I did.

So far so good.

A few weeks ago I received a message from the neighbour asking me when I was going to fix his fence. I replied that he had to contact his home insurers as previously advised with my claim reference and he replied back saying he didnt have home insurance.

He has literally sent me 10 messages a week since then which are getting more and more hostile and threatening. I advised him that as I am currently heavily pregnant I cannot physically repair his fence but my question is this – am I legally responsible to fix his fence if he has no insurance? I would have happily contributed to having it mended had he not started to get nasty on his messages. I pay a premium for my car (& home) insurance so why should someone who doesn’t be able to feel they can take advantage? My car insurance company have advised that they cannot simply pay him out, he *has* to go through a home insurer with my claim number but if he takes out insurance now he wouldn’t be covered for this claim as it occurred before his policy was in effect.

Sorry if this sounds harsh but I’m losing patience with the bullying txts.


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