Adding new young driver to my existing car insurance

I’ve read much about young drivers’ car insurance, but they all seem to be from the perspective of the young person getting their own insurance on their own first car.

My situation (which I guess is quite common) is that my 17y/o son has just passed his test, and whereas before he had a stand-alone Learner’s Insurance to drive my car (separate from my policy), that ends the minute he passed his test.

Paradoxically, the moment he passed the test, he seems to become an almost uninsurable risk, whereas when he was still a learner insurance was quite reasonable.

There seems to be no way to shop around to get a decent price. Adding him to my existing policy as a named driver means my insurer (Admiral) has me over a barrel – only they can quote. They are keen to exploit their advantage, despite their claims to the contrary (link disallowed by board…)

Is there no equivalent of a Learner Policy, something that covers him only whilst he is driving the car, but as a qualified driver?

Else how can I shop around? All I can think of is to go for a whole new policy and cancel my existing policy mid-term (for a fee, of course).

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