Additional Charges Added ASfter Order Taken


I ordered an item from the USA, $75.00 with free shipping. This amount shows on all my correspondence & account details.

When I received my statement I have been charged an additional $43.00 for shipping without prior knowledge or my agreement

In addition the the retailer has not paid any excise duty & I am also being asked to pay an extra 26 in customs charges

I contacted my bank (HSBC) & was told they would dispute the payment. I was then asked to call them to give additional details. I have done so three times but each time the person in the call centre fails to understand the issue & only keeps aksing if I have recevied the goods. Unfortunately I am unable to speak with someone who’s grasp of English if sufficient that they can understand

TLDR: I am being charged more thatn I agreed when I ordered an item & can’t make anyone understand the issue.

I’m stuck …


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