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Hi guys,
Just hoping for some advice.

I am in the unfortunate position where I have had 2 claims in the past year (also my first year of driving).
Both were non-fault; one theft of vehicle and one where an uninsured driver drove into the side of me and was found to be at fault (MIB refunded my excess and admiral have allowed my no claims bonus).

My renewal came in at £2800 (outrageous). I’ve managed to get it down to £1345, but they have said it will have to go through the pricing team as it’s such a big discount. They weren’t able to tell me how they’d gotten to the ridiculous renewal price of £2800 to start with.

My question is, I’ve done a quote on a comparison website with 1 letter changed in my name and identical details of the claims etc and got £945 with admiral. I understand this would be a new customer price. The woman I spoke to this evening tells me they are unable to match this price.

When I use my correct name, no quote comes up for admiral or its sister companies.
Do admiral have a system where existing customers cannot get quotes online through comparison websites, or have I been blocked out for some other reason?

Thanks, Harriet

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