admiral insurance cancelled policy and ive been driving around uninsured


Absolutely fuming with admiral insurance. Received a letter today informing me my policy has been cancelled, no mention of why and I’ve checked the DD payments and all have been taken. Only took the policy out in march.
This bit is amazing apparently my policy was cancelled from the 17th May which means as I use it every day I’ve been driving illegally and God knows what would have happened if I’d had a accident.
No letters or phone calls to advise any issues. Tried calling yesterday evening and they are not back in the office til the morning now got to find some insurance oh and they want to charge me £49 for admin.

I called them this morning and spoke to an advisor they checked for me and advised that the policy had been cancelled because they they had requested a copy of my driving licence via email several times but didnt have it so cancelled it. ive never had the email but since checking its in my spam folder well two of them are. when i spoke to the guy and said ive been driving around uninsured for nearly a week i could have had my car seized and they replied yes thats right but you stipulated for communication to be email, I cant remember but i bet when i did that i assumed its going to be spam, they do have my phone number aswell but no calls. i had to get insurance through someone else this morning as i needed the car and they said they cant reinstate it because they need to see a copy of the licence first and then verify it which can take 48hours.

i used another company and just ticked a box which says i authorise them to obtain driving licence details from the DVLA.

the guy did say hes noticed a issue because on their system it shows sent via portal rather postal and he said he will ask hes IT team to investigate and if thats correct he will refund me the gbp 49.00 for the admin charge.

i just feel a little bit peeved to be honest i’ve heard horror stories of cars being seized or accidents.

i’ve got to wait to hear back but i would be very wary of using admiral, elephant etc if i had never been sent a letter i would have never known and still possibly paying per month.

Listen to what people say, but watch what people what people do!!


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