Advice needed after car accident


Hi, I was involved in a car accident last week. I was travelling at 50mph & a car pulled out on me, driver to be charged with driving without due care. I contacted my car insurance & they arranged collection of my car etc & the other drivers insurance also contacted me but I said I was happy using my own car insurance. I am in agony with whiplash bruising ligament damage & broken finger ( diagnosed at hospital) I contacted my insurance & they advised that as I don’t gave legal cover on my policy I would need to find my own representation, is this correct? I feel I’m doing all the chasing with this & it was no fault of my own, I’ve bever had to claim on my insurance & are disappointed at how useless they are when I need them? Shall I contact the other drivers insurance to let them know I intend to claim or find a no win no fee company online? I’m very confused & any advice would be appreciated


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