Advice needed I think I’ve been conned by a friend


Im actually in tears I am really worried 🙁
Last month a good friend who lives in Spain asked me to do her a favour and asked me if She could send money to my pay pal to then withdraw to m Barclays account then send to her Barclays account and I agreed I ended up sending her 5 seperate amounts of money via this method over the course of a few weeks sheWas sending these payments via friends and family to my pay pal and they add up to around the Total of £1600

Pay pal have now opened disputes on these payments an charge backs Applied

It has come to light she used a family members credit card to make these payments into my pay pal and the owner of the card has flagged them up as unauthorised with their bank

Now I’m REALLY worried I’ve been scammed my pay pal is now showing as being -£1600

she’s asked me not to appeal these claims as she is getting it resolved from her end but the deadline to appeal is in 2 days time and it still still not sorted

I rung pay pal yesterday to see if she has got the card

Owner to resolve these disputes but they said they have no info on their files as the disputes have been opened with the bank and not with pay pal directly

I really don’t know what to do everytime I phone or txt she says they are sortin it out and not to worry but I’ve got a horrible feeling I’ve been scammed I can’t believe she’d do that she’s lent me money in a few occasions Over the last few years (which I’ve always paid back promptly so was just trying to be a good friend and return a favour when she needed help) but what do I do I feel like I’m running no out of time and getting fobbed off by her please help 🙁


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