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I’m trying to cut costs and my car insurance is quite a lot for the car I have.
I was wondering if it’s worth not taking on any added extras.
Considering my car is worth less than £1,000 on a 55 reg.
1. From experience, getting courtesy car cover won’t cover me on a car under a certain value so I don’t need this
2. I have breakdown cover separate so won’t need to add this
3. Legal cover? I understand this, but is it worth getting on my car?
4. Windscreen cover? Again, is it worth this on my car?
5. Oh and the one I am most unsure about… voluntary excess. If my car was to be in an accident, it is 99% certain they would write my car off at it’s value. Should I put my excess up to the maximum knowing I’m not going to make a claim? or does it not work like that?

Any advice would be great. I want to save money but also don’t want to have to fork out a huge expense if something happens.


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