advice on getting CC with high limit


Kind of new to this. I’d like to get an additional CC, one which has a high limit, say at least 10K. Say I already have an 8K limit card with one bank, another CC with 2K limit at another bank, and an older 25K personal loan on 3% fixed interest with Zopa for another few years. Both CCs have been paid in full and are at 0 balance. My current credit score at Experian is around 980.

I would be interseted in either stoozing some of the remaining Zopa loan (no penalties for paying off early) or just increase my credit limit to reduce my credit utilization ratio.

Some questions:

– Would a balance transfer card allow me to transfer (some of) my Zopa remaining debt, or does it allow only balance transfer from other credit cards?

– Which kind of CCs would offer a limit around 10K or more, balance-transfer or otherwise?

– Would the bank/lender be able to tell me the limit I’d get before I actually commit? I’d hate to commit to a card and then only get a 1K limit …

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