Advice on insurance claim and change of job


This may have been covered before on here but here goes.

I put a claim in for a personal laptop with my insurance company Dial Direct last Saturday. I was then handed onto another company who would deal with the claim.

The company is called Integra Insurance.

I have a claim number and I’m currently waiting for them to get back in touch regarding the laptop.

My issue is two things, this Integra Insurace have got really bad reviews and seem like an awful outfit to deal with but that remains to be seen I suppose.

The main issue is that I’ve just changed my job, I’ve gone from a graphic designer to a freelance graphic designer so I’m doing the exact same job really. I had no idea at all about the issue of having to tell them! I know to some people in this forum that may sound crazy but I really didn’t. And what’s scary is that over the past 15 years all sorts of insurance I’ve had may have been jepodised by me changing my job role and not knowing I had to tell them!

I’m really worried they are going to cancel or void my claim for this over sight on my part. I’ve not lost my job or tried to get cheaper quotes etc, I took the insurace out months ago, and only decided to go freelance 3 weeks ago.

Has anyone else had this happen to them and if so what happened? Or has anyone got any advice to help?

Thanks in advance.


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