Advice on what credit I should get



I’m new here so I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place. I just need a little advice on the best way forward here.

So… The fixed rate on my mortgage comes to an end at the end of September this year so naturally i’m looking to remortgage.

I don’t have any savings due to living alone and some bad decisions I made during my last relationship which has left me with a few debts, but they are manageable.

I’m only £600 short on my mortgage to be able to apply for 85% instead of 90% but I just don’t have that sort of money right now.

In November I will be able cover this as due to the fact my wages are paid every 4 weeks instead of once per month I will be paid twice before some of my bigger bills come out.

So my thoughts were, can I try and get myself a 0% credit card and use that to cover the difference on the mortgage to enable me to remortgage for 85% under the slightly lower rates and then, immediately pay it off as soon as I do have the money in November/December?

Or is there a better solution?

Any advice you can offer here would really help me.



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