Advise please should I take a loan to pay off credit card



Could someone more inclined with maths advise, I owe 4130 on a credit card with Lloyds. The interest is 19.6% APR I pay 200 a month. This month is my final payment on a Hitachi loan for a kitchen I was paying 80 a month for over 4 years I was planning on upping my credit card payments to this so 280 a month until its paid.

The only reason my credit card is like this is my GF was on maternity leave for a year and I had to pay everything otherwise I never touch it.

Hitachi are offering 3.8% personal loans over 60 mts ,I was thinking would I be better off taking one out paying my cc off and saving the 200 I pay towards my credit card? It seems to make sense but the thought of taking out debt (especially when I finish my loan this month) to pay off my CC fills me with dread.

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