Aggressive behaviour from the claimant


Hi everyone

Need your kind advice on the following.

I park my car on the side of the road in front of my house with my neighbour’s cars in front and back of our car. It’s usually a very tight parking and require multiple forward and backward manuvoeres to get the car out every day. Now 2 days back, I was taking my car out of a very tight parking space and as I was just about to drive off, my neighbor, who’s car was parked in front of me, walked from behind, shouting that I’ve grazed/ collided/ touched her car at the bumper end.

She got very loud, called me names , checked both the cars and went and sat in her car without discussing anything on the insurance details. After she entered her car, I drove off. I have all this on my dash cam.

Now in the evening, her father came banging on our door repeatedly in a very aggressive manner. With 2 kids at home, we didn’t find it safe to open the door. Which only resulted in him shouting threats through the letterbox in the front door. We called the police. They’ve reported the matter, given us the incident number and a formal/criminal caution to the neighbour.

We are now in talks with our insurance company cooperating with the claim made by the other party. We have provided the photographs, dash cam footage and CCTV footage from the front of the house.

We haven’t yet told the insurance company about the aggressive behaviour of the father at our property and resulting police proceedings. We are confused if we need/should tell the insurance company about that as well.

Any advice is highly appreciated


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