AIG Insurance purposely delays taking liability after car accident


OK so this is my first ever post, which shows the complete desperation!
On the 13th July 2018 I’ve had an accident on A96 dual carriageway were Third Party driver was attempting to cross two dual carriageways via intersection coming from the forest track road.
Long story short I was driving 70mph where Third Party driver carelessly pulled out right infront of me where his door was literally directly in front of my car bonnet with only a second or two between us. I knew that breaking wont do nothing therefore swerved towards intersection around the car missing him by couple of inches unfortunately mounting a curb and hitting cones and barriers on the opposite site of the dual carriageway.

Third party driver immediately fled the scene, with me stopped on the other side of the dual carriageway front facing the incoming traffic.

Luckily three witnesses who drove directly behind me stopped and offered their statements. Police was called in on the scene who took all the statements. What are the chances that two of the witnesses were off duty police officers?

Reason for my post its been now over 3 weeks and AIG who are the insurers of the Third Party vehicle are not admitting liability or at least purposely delaying it constantly urging me to claim it through my insurance. After numerous phone calls to Vanameyde (claim handlers) and AIG the request for the police report was raised on the 23rd which is 10 days after the accident. I understand that in hindsight over 3-4 weeks isnt long but trying to maintain full time job and having a 6 year old isn’t easy, especially living out in the country where public transport isn’t an option.

I have tried googling everything possible but unfortunately latest thread was in 2012 that was similar to mine.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Even if i could get a deadline from them i could work things out but just now i dont know whether it will take months, years or never.

Thanks very much in advance


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