Alexa can affect home insurance!


It’ not happened yet but if you have an Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri device in your home, it will one day affect your insurance.

Why, well they both listen and record and analyse every word said in your house. Now imagine a hacker gains access to those records or Alexa directly it won’t be that hard to know your daily routine, when your holiday’s are going to be, when you’re away for along weekend and so on. Then hook Alexa up to your security system and any good hacker ( a normal six year old for example) will be able to deactivate it. Then if you have a smart lock (these are being touted now) the hacker can be in without any effort – bang goes your contents insurance!

Think this will never happen, just look at how high end luxury cars are being stolen with cloning devices available from, yes that’s right Amazon!

Good luck folks, sleep tight!


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