Am I a homeowner or a tenant? My partner owns the flat we live in & we’re not married


Wondering if anyone can help me here. I want to apply for a new credit card, and I’m having trouble deciding what my residential status is in the drop down forms. Usually they only give you 4 options: homeowner, private tenant, council tenant, living with parents. I live with my partner who owns the flat – what is that?

He bought the flat 10 years ago with a mortgage, I moved in 3 years ago. We’re not married but together over 5 years. My name isn’t on the mortgage, but I’m on the council tax, electoral roll and all my bank accounts etc are registered there. He pays the mortgage – he earns 4x more than me, and the mortgage is probably about my salary a month (!) I pay him a small amount every month towards bills and I do most of the food shopping. We’re quite financially separate, no joint accounts or joint cards. Before this I was privately renting. (I’m aware that this is an incredibly fortunate set up by the way… and no I’m not a gold digger before anyone suggests it…)

It definitely feels like my home, we decorated it together when I moved in, we call it ‘our’ home. I’m aware now that some of you may point out that I have no rights to my home… Should I just put my name on the mortgage, even if I have contributed very little financially?

I have a good credit rating, steady job on £31k a year, already have a couple of credit cards, never miss payments etc. I want to get a new 0% purchases card to help pay for a big holiday and a couple of things this year (including possible birthday present for him!)

So what do I put on the form? Even MSE’s eligibility checker doesn’t have a box for ‘other’, and then they ask how much rent or mortgage payments are.

If anyone has any advice or been in a similar situation I’d appreciate it!



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