Am I being a dumb dumb?


My home insurance has expired and I’m getting quotes for a new policy.

However, I’ve just read something that I’ve never actually realised/must have read over in the past – so I’ve only myself to blame – but it’s in regards to single listed valuable items

When I’ve looked at my old policy and renewal, and also these new quotes – regardless of the value of the item you are listing, there is a limit to the total amount the insurer will actually pay out to you in the event of a claim

so for example, say you list a £10,000 item of jewellery, the latest quote I had said it would not pay out more than £5,000 per item claimed

Am I being thick/ignorant that this is just something I’ve never picked up on before? Because I can’t see the point of listing individual items if they won’t be covered for their full value

Am I being a dumb dumb and missing something here?

I’ve read my old policy docs and cannot actually see anything that says it will cover like-for-like costs of single valuable listed items

If anyone can shed some light I would really appreciate it, as I don’t know if I am just too tired or if I’m being incredibly thick

TIA – it’s much appreciated


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