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I was approved for an Amazon Classic Mastercard. It comes with 0% interest, £10 voucher and instant spend upon approval via Amazon website.

My new card was instantly linked to Amazon and can spend up-to £500 until the card is activated. It states that I have to wait until card activation to use my full credit limit.

The problem is that I don’t know my actual credit limit. Normally it shows on the approval page for other companies but I can’t find it anywhere. I’m also unable to register for online banking without the account number. It seems quite odd that I can spend instantly through Amazon but I can’t find out those important details!

My credit limit must be £500 or more because that’s my provisional instant spend limit for Amazon. I asked a friend and they said to avoid calling as they might get angry for rushing them and cancel my new account.

Does anyone know of another way to find out or do I need to simply wait 7 days till the card arrives?

Thank you.


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