Amazon Store/Credit Cards – How do they work?


Hi folks,

I’ve only ever had a debit card my entire life, never felt the need for a credit card.

However, I do like free promotional rewards and have seen one on and for cards and I was hoping someone could enlighten me as to how these work.

This offer on the UK one for example. Just reading it, as someone who has never had a credit card, it appears as simple as applying for the card and getting a free £25 gift card. But what then?

If I then never use this card, ever, have I really just got myself a free £25 to spend on Amazon? It seems unlikely to me. So how does this work?

Same with this offer on kCode=ll2&!!!!!couponscom08-20&linkId=a20a5823549bce2b29172e5dbc8db851&coupon s com08-20=b6d1a01ba5c4434cac39bc0c58bbe74c

I suspect you would have to be a US resident for this, but the curiosity on how this works is the same. Is it really just a case of get the card, and the free $30 and then never use the card and you have jut got yourself a free $30 for nothing? Can’t be that simple, surely?

I don’t understand all the speak about finance but I can’t believe you just apply for a card and get the free gift card and then never use your card or what have you, so what am I missing?



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