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Hi all,

Just following on from the advice on this here website, I’ve gone and got me an AmEx gold reward card. Mainly, because of the £100 amazon voucher (which is incredibly useful).

To get this deal, one has to spend £2000 within the first 3 months.

Well, I intend to buy a costly TV from a well known store and also an engagement ring from a well known jewellers (providing my credit limit is sufficient enough).

The bait is no doubt the “free £100 amazon voucher” because with a 7 year old bookworm, this can be used quite quickly.

The question is, if anyone has any experience, would I be better off utilising this offer, then offsetting the account balance to a decent balance transfer card to pay it off in good time and thus negating the ridiculous interest fees? And would I still get the points reward if I did that? I’ve found nothing in their T’s n C’s to suggest otherwise, so this could potentially be a winner. A “free” £100 amazon voucher.

Any thoughts?



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