Amex after Clarity – how to best time application


Hi all,

quick question on timing an Amex CC application:

My recent credit-relevant activities:

May 2018: switched current accounts. Only highline card with new bank, no credit card. A hard search was done, account application successful.
June 2018: Applied for Clarity card. Hard search was done, application accepted.

I also would like to get my limit on the Clarity increased. Just got back from holidays, and thanks to bad month-end timing I have now 65% utilisation for August. Thus my wish to get a higher limit. Since I got the Clarity, I have always paid down in full and my utilisation was never above 25% in the previous 2 months.

Is it now too early to apply for an Amex card?
If I were to apply, would this ruin my chances with Halifax to get a higher limit over the next 6 months?

What would be the best course of action reg. Amex and Halifax?

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