An error in my favour on my credit card account – can I take advantage of it?


I recently took out a Tesco credit card to take advantage of their 36 month 0% interest rate on money transfers. I made a transfer of £2500 to my bank account but made a stupid error whenI gave my bank account number. When I realised, I spoke to Tesco and they arranged for the money to be refunded to my card. Which it has been – twice.

Checking online shows me the two repayments (both on the same day) and tells me that my card’s available balance is £2500 more than it should be.

What will happen, I wonder, if I try to use the incorrect amount or part of it? What if I transfer a balance from another card which will eat into the extra sum? Presumably sooner or later there would be repercussions but what exactly? Does anyone here know?

Many thanks.

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