Another BS 3621 door lock query


Well gosh this is frustrating.I’ll keep it brief. Our home is a new-build, around 1 year old now. Home insurance renewal is up. The front door has a mortis lock which also operates two smaller hook-shape bolts (one at the top of the frame and one at the bottom). It has the kitemark but it is the ‘heart’ symbol only and is not embellished with any specific text, which means I can’t see ‘BS3621’ actually written anywhere. The only other text is ‘Yale’, but still no other specifics as to the model or standards. More specifically the inside of the door is thumbturn operated, with the key only being used from the outside. I assume this is for fire safety or similar, however can a lock conform to BS3621 with a thumbturn or will it only meet some other, lesser standard? Should I consider this a 5-lever mortis lock only when arranging home insurance, rather than one that meets a specific standard?



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