Any car insurers who ignore no fault, no claim incidents?


Hi everyone. Car insurance up for renewal. Promotion at work and another year of no claims, so was expecting cheaper than last year. My renewal price was £900, £100 more than what I pay now, so headed over to price comparison. Managed to find a £400 deal, but remembered that I had two minor no claim, no fault, no damage, no injury incidents over the past year (plus one that was my fault from 2 years ago, which I’ve declared before). I had reported both to my insurer, so had to declare them.

The same insurer who offered me £400 was now wanting a ridiculous £2,200, with my cheapest quote now over £1,000. Called up my current insurer and managed to get down to £700, but I was stunned at the impact these incidents had on my renewal.

I get that data shows more accidents often means more future accidents, regardless of fault, but an 450% increase is outrageous when there’s been no claim, damage or injury.

Does anyone know of any insurers that ignore no claim “incidents” and only factor in actual claims?


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