Apply for loan or 0% CC first? I need both


Dear All,

I need around 17-20k now because I quite literally need to fix my roof while the sun shines! I have a tax refund coming in 3 months for about 10k because of years of overpayment (yippee). The other 7-10k I can tighten my belt over a year or 18 months and pay it off.

I am thinking I can take a loan for 10k (to be paid off when the refund comes through) and a credit card for maybe 7k if I can find a high enough limit on 0% interest. I don’t really want to take out a 20k loan and pay interest on the whole hog as I know the 10k is coming from HMRC very soon.

Should I apply for the CC first or the loan first? Or is there a better strategy altogether that I am overlooking?

Any advice appreciated!


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