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I just received my aqua card in the post to help build my credit.

I got a £300 credit limit which is fine to start.

I activated the card and then

I purchased TWO things, one an ASOS around £20 and groceries from the supermarket for approx £30.

I go out to my friends for a party. I get an Uber back on the card to find the payment rejected.

I then try to use it in a shop ‘declined’ I then tried to look on the app I downloaded and my account has been suspended.

I called yesterday and he said he couldn’t discuss my account as I had answered one out of 4 questions wrong and they needed to find more questions to ask. He said he would call back the next day and didn’t.

I called again and was asked again loads of questions and one that was “what’s the postcode of your first ever address” I said define first ever “your parents first ever home when you were born” is what they said. Now that’s going back 29 years and we moved a lot so my birth postcode! WHO KNOWS! HOW WOULD THEY?

I asked to speak to a manager, the manager wouldn’t come on but would apparently call me back in up to 48 hours and she couldn’t discuss my account as I hadn’t passed the security questions and it could take up to 28days as the account is under investigation and there are so many ‘cases’ that’s how long it takes!


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