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Hi everyone,

I have an Aqua card with a £450 limit on it, and an ASDA card with a £3000 limit on it. I use them for cashback purposes only, plus the Aqua one for abroad (because there’s no non-sterling fee).

However, ASDA is dropping their cashback rate now, rendering it effectively useless (for the most part) unless I’m shopping at ASDA (which I rarely do).

I have both cards since December (therefore I’ve only had 4 statements up so far). Would closing down the ASDA card make Aqua more likely to go up in limit?

I don’t need £3000, but I do need more than £450, simply because I have some big purchases coming up soon (such as my very first car insurance, £900 to £1000, freaking shoot me now ), so I’d like to keep getting that sweet 0.5% cashback on everything

I always pay in full via DD.

I’ve heard bad stories about people calling up Aqua to request an increase, so I’d rather not do that, and let them offer the increase instead!

Thanks for any insight guys, I really appreciate it!


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