Aqua reward card limit increase offer


Hi everyone!

My 5th statement for Aqua was created two days ago, and today I’ve received a letter offering me an increase.

I’ve expected one about half a year of having it, with a doubling of the amount, at best (based on what I’ve read on the forums here). Instead I got it now already, with an increase from £450 to £1450. Obviously I’m happy about it, since it will be seen as a positive factor on my credit file. Plus I have my first car insurance coming up soon which is about £800-£900, so it’d be sweet to get that 0.5% cashback on it, haha!

Anyway, my question is:

How is it the best to accept it? Just wait until it gets applied immediately? Ideally I’d like to accept it now already, but I don’t know whether that’s going to be seen as “too impatient” and actually end up being a negative thing.

I always pay in full and I’m not a big spender, and I never buy more than what my savings would allow, so I’m not interested in getting into debt, just want to have a nice credit file, that’s all.

Any advice appreciated, thanks!


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