Are Vanquis just being awkward?


I’ve got a Vanquis card and have been trying to change my name since I got married last year.

I sent Vanquis an original wedding certificate and council tax letter for the permanent address in May 2018, they lost it. They maintain that they never received the evidence but I literally wrote “as per the phone call with X last week please find enclosed my marriage certificate and council tax letter, I would be grateful if you could update my details and return my documents as quickly as possible”. Somehow despite never receiving the documents Vanquis knew which address to write back to me.

Anyway I then sent them a photocopy of the wedding certificate and a letter from the DWP. They have accepted the letter from the DWP to change my address (which they’ve been writing to for months anyway) but not the wedding certificate, they want another original.

I’m not willing to pay to get another for them to lose (they’ve not compensated me for the first one), their suggestion was to post it recorded delivery – to a P.O. Box. I pointed out that P.O. boxes wouldn’t normally have someone to sign for so that seems pointless. The manager didn’t know what a P.O. box was and thought it meant it was a specific persons inbox.

They have suggested I could photocopy my passport (in my maiden name so that’s a non starter), my driving licence (I’m medically disqualified), but the marriage certificate has to be original. The woman even said “you emailed to complain about this but didn’t attach a document” I was like how can I email an original marriage certificate, they’re physical documents!

I’ve not had this difficulty with anyone else, they’ve all accepted photocopies and accepted that getting certified copies of Scottish marriage documents isn’t a thing, it’s even printed on the certificate which the manager realised when I asked him to open my file and read said certificate – they can only be officially copied by registrars.

I actually asked to be put through to their team to close accounts but they just wouldn’t close the account and kept going on about just getting another certificate and “putting this right” it’s so frustrating. They should be paying for my marriage certificate that’s gone AWOL and paying for another if they want it but that didn’t seem to cross their mind, just postage costs which are minimal.


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