Argos Pet Insurance Declined Claim Resulting in us paying over £9,000


Hi everyone,

Hoping for some advice on the below.

We bought a puppy cockapoo (Bertie) at the end of last year. We took him to the vets to have his jabs and we were provided free insurance through petplan. This would have expired on the 30th December so to ensure we had no period of no insurance we signed up to Argos Pet Insutance on the 10th December and had it start on the 30th.

Bertie then started to slightly limp on the 6th January and the vets diagnosed with a sprain (slight 2/10 severity) and advised us to rest. On the 10th we went back as he was being sick and we saw a different vet, this vet noticed his hips were not right and sent him in for an x Ray the next day (severity 10/10)

On the 11th January following on from his scan he was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. Argos declined the claim as they are claiming the hip dysplasia was noticed during the 10 day qualification period. (Unsure on this as there was nothing from the vets stating hip dysplasia during the first 10 days) it was only the 10th where the vets thought this may be the case

Bertie has had 3 operations now as the first 2 failed and we have also racked up £1,000 of hydrotherapy bills which have also been declined because it is linked to his hip dysplasia.

We have complained with Argos, and are now due to pursue this with the ombudsman.

We are a young couple and moved into our first home at the end of last year so as you can imagine this is putting severe stress on us both.

Has anyone experienced something similar or can provide advice on if you think we have a case?


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