Argus / cartrawler – insurance scam?



I recently hired a car online through ArgusCarHire, a broker and subsidiary of Cartrawler.

The rental voucher & paperwork, though not very comprehensive, stated that if i took out the optional Axa excess insurance policy, in the case of quote “any damage”, that would cover me for any damage up to 1250 euros (i.e. i could later claim back the deposit/excess) and the standard vehicle insurance with the hire would, quote, “cover the rest” .

The car was damaged on holiday and the repair bill was over 4000 euros. I paid the 1250 deposit before returning home, on the understanding that the local supplier (or i) could claim via Argus’ “standard vehicle insuance”. However. Since returning home i have had no real assistance from Argus, and the local supplier has charged my credit card again, another payment of 1250 (running total 2500 euros). I dont know if i can dispute the transaction via my cc company as the paper work from the local supplier suggests we had no insurance (we had insurance apparently with the broker).

The customer service line was mysteriously disconnected today when i asked to be provided with contact details of the Argus legal department.

Has anyone had similar experiencr with Argus? Do they eventually assist? Or do i just have to wait for the local supplier to take legal action against me for not paying the full cost of repair..? (Worst case scenario!)

Many thanks


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