ASDA charged my card twice and very poor service


Hi there
I ordered some grovery items via online shopping at ASDA website and it was for the very first time I have used ASDA.
My order was supposed to have delivered between 8.30-9.30pm and around 10.15 I called them to find out what happened to the order, and was told they need to cancel it because the van broke down. Having waited for two hours no one informed of this until I called and I was not happy.
I asked them to cancel the order and refund me the money.
Then 10 minutes later the order arrived, and I told the two peopled who delivered the goods to let the customer services know that they delivered because I asked them to cancel the order so they may have cancelled it.
This morning I checked the card statement online, and saw that ASDA had debited my account on 12th in the morning for the order placed on Friday, and at 10.48pm another debit shows. I think either there is a fault at the system whereby an order is cancelled it goes into a new order hence another debit or the person put through refund did not do it properly.
I could not get any help through Customer Services as the woman had no clue whatsoever about the debits and credits and refunds. Kept telling me the order was cancelled and I have book another date.
I was looking into some complaints and found out there are hundreds of people complaining.

Does anyone think that they do this deliberately so they keep taking money twice?

Just because card data is saved on their systems does not give them right to use the money as they did not call me or get my authorisation.

Please let me know if any one has had this experience with ASDA or any other retailer.



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