Asda (Creation) credit card dispute – timings?


Hi all,

I regularly review my credit card (Asda Cashback) transactions online and back on the 18th May I noticed that my card had been used fraudulently online on the 17th and 18th, not by me.

Called Creation who blocked the card (cancelling the 18th’s transaction as it was pending) and issued me with a new card 10 days later.

However 2.5 weeks down the line and I’ve still not had the twice-promised letter from Creation to sign and confirm that I did not spend on the card. I have since contacted them twice – once when I got the card to activate it (and was told to expect a letter), and again this week to say “I’ve had no letter”. Was told to wait another 3-5 working days.

Has anyone filed a dispute with them before, and if so – how long did it take? Am I being unreasonable to expect the dispute form within 2 weeks? My statement date has passed and I’ve paid off everything except the disputed amount.


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