Aston Martin’s V8 Cygnet looks like a city car on steroids



Unknown (standard Cygnet cost £30,995-£32,115)


RHD Cygnet steel bodyshell and panels with integrated welded-in cage

Sheet metal fabricated front bulkhead and transmission tunnel

Vantage subframes

Steel fuel tank housing mounted in the boot area

Carbon composite flared wheel arch extensions

Mesh front grille

Dark exterior hardware

Body painted Buckinghamshire Green

Yellow brake calipers


Two seat configuration

Fixed back Recaro composite driver and passenger seats with

Adjustable seat runners driver’s side, fixed position passenger side

Four-point harnesses

Bespoke carbon composite instrument panel incorporating Vantage instrument cluster

Bespoke HVAC controls

Twin USB ports

Bespoke carbon fibre door cards with leather pull straps and Cygnet door release handles

Full FIA compliant fire extinguisher system

Removable alcantara steering wheel


All-Alloy Quad Overhead Camshaft, 4.7-litre V8

Dry sump lubrication

Front mid-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive

Vantage S cooling system

Twin concial air filters on bespoke intake trunking

Bespoke exhaust system with twin underfloor mufflers and catalytic convertors

Twin centre exit tailpipes

30-litre ATL Savercell fuel tank

Electrical System

V8 Vantage S electrical architecture

Cygnet front and rear lights

FIA compliant cut off and isolation system

Rear mounted battery

Bespoke lightweight HVAC system


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