At wits end – refused home insurance


In January 2015 a relative with a prison conviction had nowhere to stay after leaving prison, so I gave him temporary accommodation in my home.

In June 2015 my home insurance was up for renewal, so I filled the form online, When asked if there was anyone living in the house with a conviction. I answered honestly. I was phoned by the insurance company, who wanted full details of the conviction, and it was decided on the spot that my policy would end immediately, due to the nature of the crime and because I had not told them of my change of circumstances (I genuingly didn’t realise I’d need to).

I eventually had to use a specialised insurance company to supply the cover. My annual insurance went from around £180 to nearly £450.

The relative moved out this year and I need to renew my policy. However, going online the question now is ‘have you ever been refused insurance policy’ and because of the previous oversight I have to admit to the crime. So now I’m being turned down for cover. I personally have never committed a crime or been to prison, have always kept up my house insurance, and the last time I made an insurance claim was over 10 years ago.

This is worrying me immensely as I can barely afford the high cost of paying for my genuine mistake as I’m on a small pension with pension credit.

The Citizen’s Advice are unable to help me and I’m at my wits end to know where to turn. I’ve searched The Insurance Ombudsman’s online site and it seems I should have written/negotiated with the insurance company at the time, which I couldn’t do.

Can anyone advise me what I should do? I’ve received a new quote from the specialised insurance company which is still demanding c£200 above everyday insurance companies. I fear I’m going to spend the rest of my life having to pay for someone else’s crime.


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