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Hi, I’ve just received a ‘second’, unexpected home insurance renewal from Kwik Fit. It would appear that the policy from the previous year has auto-renewed. I am absolutely 100% sure that I called Kwik Fit to cancel the policy. I found the renewal letter from last year with ‘cancelled’ scrawled on it in my writing, I wouldn’t have done this if I hadn’t cancelled it. I am at a loss as to how I can prove that I did call them and cancelled the renewal ?

I have never renewed insurance (home or car) with the same company as I have always found a cheaper price + cashback, in this case the premium was almost 200% higher and that was without a claim ! I’m very familiar with auto-renewal and cancelling. Never had a problem until now, with hindsight I should obviously have checked that the DD had stopped.

Any suggestions welcomed.


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