Automatic Policy Renewal – Car Insurance


Last year my partner signed up to Hastings for car insurance. I duly paid for this on my credit card and had to speak to an advisor to confirm my details.

This year the policy has automatically renewed and my card had been debited, despite me not being the policy holder, not agreeing to this in any way and not having had any form of communication from Hastings.

My partner called Hastings to cancel the policy and ask for a refund, which they agreed to do, but challenged them about how they could take the funds without informing me directly.

The advisor claimed this is something they do to protect the driver, to ensure they remain insured and is FCA approved, which I would understand if it had come out on my partners card.

I think this is wrong and that, especially after GDPR, this can’t be right. Can anyone shed some light on this?


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